Q-SYS NV-32 Video Switcher Installation

Q-SYS LogoPerformance Audio & Video is excited to show you a recent Q-SYS project for a local Real Estate Management Company; 33 Reality Management. The Clients goal for the space was to host meetings, training, and after-hours events. The room presented multiple challenges. It is an octagonal space with windows on all sides, which lets in lots of light. So special consideration was given to the projector and screen. In addition to 33 Realty Staff utilizing the space, they also designed the space to be available for rent. This meant that the Q-SYS system would need to be intuitive for users with no training required. PAV created a custom design solution featuring a Q-SYS Control system with Epson commercial projection, SI ALR screen, and a Sennheiser Microphone system. Below you will find highlights of some of the major components that make up the system.


  • Full-featured presentation space configurable for a variety of event types.
  • Epson PowerLite L520W WXGA Laser Projector (5,200 lumens) for clear, stunning presentations.
  • Screen Innovations Solo 3 with Slate Material (65% ALR) due to high ambient light.
  • Netgear Switch for A/V over IP with a Lifetime Warranty for years of trouble-free service.
  • Sennheiser Microphones System – simple operation and clear audio for presentations.
  • QSC Acoustic Coverage Series Speakers and QSC MP-M Series Amplifier – Great sounding audio for events and presentations.
  • Easy-to-use Bluetooth Receiver with on-screen pairing instructions.
  • Q-SYS Control App with a custom interface for one-touch simplicity.


The Q-SYS NV-32 brings a full-featured Q-SYS system to rooms of any size. Leveraging Q-SYS provides a certified solution for hosting meetings with high-quality room microphones, speakers, and displays leveraging the high-value spaces and equipment you already have in place. The power of the Q-SYS NV-32 allows any space to become a full-featured conference room complete with Video Conferencing, Audio Conferencing, and automation capabilities. For this project, the Q-SYS NV-32 serves as the hub for all the systems with multiple HDMI inputs and a single USB enabling future video conferencing features.

Q-SYS System

Q-SYS Control PanelQ-SYS User Custom Interface (UCI)

A custom user interface was created to ensure anyone could use the space for meetings, presentations, or background music with a simple touch.

There are 3 options on the main menu:

  • Presentation – Presentation mode provides a welcome screen with a 33 Realty Management logo on the projector screen until the presenter is ready to begin. Some helpful connection prompts on the touch screen to guide the users on how to connect their laptops via HDMI cable.
  • Roku – When Roku is selected on the main menu, the touch screen offers full control including one touch to launch common apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and more.
  • Bluetooth –  Selecting Bluetooth audio on the main menu provides simple instructions with QR codes strategically placed on the interfaces that provide additional guidance for users unfamiliar with Bluetooth pairing.

Whether using Presentation mode, Roku or Bluetooth users have the ability to use the microphone system by simply unmuting the microphones. This takes the complexity out of the microphone system and allows users to be heard over any active audio with automatic mic-ducking.

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SI Screen Solo 3 Indoor with Slate Material (65% ALR)

Screen InnovationsThe Solo 3 is designed to push projector screens to the limit of class and functionality. Timeless and classic, The Solo 3 Indoor has a crisp design that compliments any modern décor. The Solo 3 Indoor has durable printed black borders that prevent unsightly peeling or cracking, CNC-cut tab tensioning ensures tabs will never fall off and are external or flush-mountable. Rechargeable battery-powered screens combined with RTS (one-way) are available. The battery lasts up to 500 cycles on a single charge. Our magnetic connector offers effortless connection and recharging. You never have to purchase disposable batteries again with our convenient eco-friendly rechargeable design.

SI Slate Projector Screen

SI Slate Projector Screen

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Epson Projector – PowerLite L520W WXGA Laser Projector (5,200 lumens)

Epson ProjectorsPerformance Audio & Video installs a variety of Epson Meeting Room Projectors but one of our favorites is the Epson PowerLite L520W Laser Projector. With the Epson PowerLite L520 in your meeting space, you can share bright, easy-to-read content in even the brightest of rooms. The L520W is a long-throw laser projector that offers an incredible 5,200 lumens of brightness and delivers large, colorful, widescreen images using advanced 3LCD technology that can full up to 280″ screens. The Epson PowerLite L520W features a virtually maintenance-free 20,000-hour laser light source and an extremely versatile projector and it provides an array of features for engaging, impactful presentations, including the split-screen capability for side-by-side viewing and easy wireless sharing from laptops and smart devices.

Epson commercial projector installation - Marietta & Atlanta, GA

Epson commercial projectors

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Netgear Switch for A/V over IP

NetGear Pro AVNETGEAR’s ProAV solutions are engineered specifically for AV over IP with out-of-the-box support for every networked AV solution currently available. NETGEAR has Flexible System Designs that can change as needs change and NETGEAR makes it easy to expand and maintain with remote service & support. NETGEAR offers a range of AV-over IP switches with its M4300 and M4500 Series that can expand, upgrade, and meet virtually every performance and budgetary need with a flexible and modular approach—up to 100GB bandwidth. NETGEAR’s Ethernet ports are fully bidirectional, so each port may be treated as an AV input or an AV output. Unusual 1×23, 6×18, and 4×20 configurations—are all possible.

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Sennheiser Microphones System

SennheiserThe perfect microphone system simply works, every time. The use of SpeechLine Digital Wireless requires no introduction or explanation. As soon as the microphone is taken out of the network-monitored charging station, it is immediately ready to use. With a battery life of 15 hours, the microphones are ready for even the longest workday.

Sennheiser – SpeechLine Wireless Microphone System

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