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Explore SI’s Industry-Leading Technology for Modern Projection Screens

Zero G - Commercial - by Screen Innovations

Screen Innovations

SI’s Industry-Leading Design

Performance Audio & Video loves that SI is technology-based, you’re not getting the same old screen from twenty years ago.

Screen Innovations brings fresh new innovative designs to the projection screens industry while streamlining automation and integration.  Transform any space— indoor or out, at home or in a business— into a world-class entertainment theatre with a modern, clean design. With industry-leading materials like the Ambient Light Rejecting Black Diamond and Show Stopping options such as Zero-G SI is Performance Audio & Video’s first pick for beautiful lifestyle innovations.  Screen Innovations has a passion for creating transformative technology and Performance Audio & Video can bring that technology to life on your next Technology Project.

SI makes dozens of screens with a variety of materials…these are favorites:

Solo 3 Indoor

Behold the perfect blend of the newest technology with contemporary design… The Solo 3 is designed to push projector screens to the limit of class and functionality. Timeless and classic, The Solo 3 Indoor has a crisp design that compliments any modern décor. The Solo 3 Indoor has durable printed black borders that prevent unsightly peeling or cracking, CNC-cut tab tensioning ensures tabs will never fall off and are external or flush-mountable. Rechargeable battery-powered screens combined with RTS (one-way) are available. The battery lasts up to 500 cycles on a single charge. Our magnetic connector offers effortless connection and recharging. You never have to purchase disposable batteries again with our convenient eco-friendly rechargeable design.


The way a motorized projection screen should be… Think Rollable Television. Zero-G re-imagines standard motorized screens and deploys a “levitating” image exactly where you want it. Designed to give the television experience but at a much larger scale, Zero-G can be deployed in places where a rigid TV cannot. Zero-G is simple and smooth with features such as removable PCB and lift tubes, pre-programmed doors (flush unit only), and automatic upper limits. All Zero-G screens come with Wall Switch, IR Remote, and Low Voltage Trigger. With 5 cord color options, you can match Zero-G to your wall color to make it stand out. Powerful and quiet, motors handle screens up to 160” diagonal. Options for control include 12v Trigger, IR, and Dry Contact. Zero-G offers many screen material options including high-performance ALR materials like Slate 1.2 to achieve high-contrast images.

Zero Edge Pro

Thin, Backlit, Beautiful… Finally, a screen that is truly custom. With nearly any option imaginable, Zero Edge Pro can be customized for a perfect fit in your space. The Zero Edge Pro has an aluminum extrusion with a .625’’ (16mm) “Zero Edge” style bezel and a built-in LED channel for optional backlighting.

Material Choices

Black Diamond

Black Diamond measured a 900% increase in contrast (S&V magazine) over matte white or gray screens. No other screen achieves these results. Black Diamond maintains a more even calibration when transitioning from bright to dark rooms as the ambient light has much less effect on the mix of visible colors on the projection screen surface.  The best performing multiple-layered optical screen ever made, but also the largest at up to 76 inches tall making a seamless 150-inch image in 16:9. The optics in Black Diamond reduce reflected light on the walls, ceiling, and floor. The result is an immersive dark room experience without the need for blacking out adjacent walls. Black Diamond is capable of rejecting ambient light discretely on both the horizontal and vertical axis. Lights above and windows on the side are simultaneously rejected.


Capable of 65% ALR (ambient light rejection) Slate is the next step forward in projection screen evolution. With an array of sizes, even the biggest wall can be completely covered in an immersive Slate projection screen. Thanks to its flexible chemical makeup, the multi-particle Slate material can roll tightly and stretch when necessary. That means PAV can utilize it in a lot of unique applications such as Zero-G and Zero Edge. There is also the added benefit of being able to roll it on a small core for shipping simplifying logistics challenges.

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