Pvolve Fitness Studio - AV installation by Performance AV

Performance Audio & Video Helped Create an Engaging Fitness-Forward Environment for Pvolve

P.volve LogoPvolve is a boutique fitness brand with locations in LA, Chicago, and New York City. Pvolve was co-founded by Rachel Katzman who was tired of high-impact workouts and was searching for ways to deal with her Scoliosis Diagnosis. After meeting the other Co-founder of Pvolve, Stephen, she learned how to train her body functionally and started seeing physical results while also feeling strong and centered. It then became a goal of hers to help other women around the world to reach their wellness goals and feel absolutely amazing and strong in their bodies through this new purposeful, powerful Method. Rachel’s daily movement practice has evolved since being diagnosed with Lyme Disease in early 2021, but this Method continues to help her listen to her body and give it what it is asking for each day.

Jennifer Aniston’s Involvement with the Pvolve Gym Stemmed from Her Genuine Passion for Fitness and Wellness

Known for her dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Aniston was drawn to Pvolve’s unique approach to exercise. The gym’s emphasis on functional movements and targeted workouts aligned perfectly with her own fitness philosophy. Impressed by the effectiveness of Pvolve’s methods, Aniston saw an opportunity to not only enhance her own fitness journey but also to inspire others to do the same. Recognizing the potential impact of the Pvolve gym, she eagerly joined forces with the brand, becoming an ambassador and advocate for their innovative approach to fitness. Aniston’s collaboration with Pvolve not only showcased her commitment to personal well-being but also allowed her to share her passion with a wider audience, encouraging others to discover the transformative power of this revolutionary gym.



Pvolve brings together low-impact movement and specially designed resistance equipment for a unique sculpting, toning, and strengthening workout. Pvolve’s main idea is functional fitness training, which works with your body’s biomechanics. Pvolve uses exercises that incorporate core-engaging balance and all your ranges of motion, as you get powerful activation in your major muscles as well as the supporting ones around them for truly incredible results.

PAV’s Role in Creating an Engaging Environment for Pvolve Members and Staff

Performance Audio and Video - Atlanta, GAPerformance Audio & Video was tasked with creating a high-quality Audio environment to complement the high-end look and feel of Pvolve Studios. PAV has a reputation for creating easy-to-use and reliable A/V Systems for fitness studios and with our unique formula we have created another masterpiece. By leveraging the power of Q-SYS, Sennheiser, and other complementary brands we have created an A/V System that not only meets the needs of the studio today, it also paves the way for future enhancements in the ever-evolving fitness industry. PAV’s collaborative approach to A/V design starts with evaluating the client’s needs based on their prior experiences. PAV takes this client input along with our wealth of knowledge and experience in the fitness space to ensure that the final design is not only functional but incorporates the collective experiences of our clients and the PAV Team. Once PAV’s Team completes and installation is not the end of our involvement with a studio, it is just the beginning. PAV provides long-term service and support for fitness studios across the country. We have an array of support options to ensure your fitness studio A/V and I.T. systems perform for the long term.

PAV Provides Everything You Need

Performance Audio & Video covers all of the typical A/V, I.T., and surveillance needs for fitness studios. We offer an array of services and products that allow studio owners and managers to focus on running the studio while we take care of the I.T. and A/V needs. We offer long-term maintenance programs to ensure reliability and updated security. Contact the PAV team to learn how we can bring our unique formula of easy-to-use and reliability to your fitness projects.

Q-SYS Logo

Q-SYS Control Platform

Q-SYS is a control platform for commercial spaces of any size ranging from individual conference rooms and training rooms to large-scale conference centers and event venues. Q-SYS brings together all of the components that you need for a complete A/V solution and works with complementary brands to create a comprehensive suite of capabilities. Q-SYS includes robust support for video conferencing, audio conferencing, and video presentations all in the same Q-SYS software platform.

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Q-SYS Platform

Q-SYS Core Nano

The latest addition to the Q-SYS Platform is the Core Nano which is designed for projects that need to be ultra-reliable and infinitely scalable and budget-friendly. The Q-SYS Core Nano processor provides these benefits and much more! PAV utilizes the Core Nano in several applications such as Conference Rooms, Training Rooms, Fitness Studios, and small Event Venues. The Core Nano is a great fit for Fitness Studio Projects due to its built-in QSC Audio Processing and the powerful Q-SYS platform brings the ultimate in flexibility and scalability to the ever-changing Fitness industry.

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Q-SYS QSC Speaker installation - Performance AV - Marietta an Atlanta, GA

QSC Speakers

QSC is Performance Audio & Video’s first choice for premium audio systems including speakers, amplifiers, and the ultra-powerful Q-SYS platform. QSC offers an array of speakers to fit any application you can imagine. Check out our article where we talk about their speakers and how they are designed for a variety of applications such as fitness centers, conference spaces, and general background audio.

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Sennheiser EW-D:

Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Digital is an excellent choice for those looking for a wireless audio solution that is both reliable and easy to use, especially for fitness. With its auto-scan feature, setting up a reliable connection is quick and easy, as the system secures the most reliable signal in seconds. The system is also rugged and repairable, with a warranty period of 2 years on transmitters and receivers.

Evolution Wireless Digital Body Pack Transmitters paired with Sennheisers HT 747 Fitness Headset make a great fitness audio system. The rugged and reliable hardware combined with Sennheiser’s easy-to-use auto-channel management provides fitness studios with the simplicity and reliability they are looking for.

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NetGear Pro AV

Netgear Wired and Wireless Networking

Netgear Commercial Wired and Wireless Networks

Commercial-grade wired and wireless networks provide businesses with a reliable and secure Wi-Fi solution. These networks are designed to handle high volumes of traffic, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for staff and clients. With advanced security features, such as WPA3 encryption and firewall protection, these networks safeguard sensitive data from potential threats, giving businesses peace of mind.

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Luma Surveillance

Luma Surveillance is a cutting-edge video surveillance system that offers advanced features and capabilities. One key feature that sets Luma apart from cloud-only surveillance options such as Ring is that Luma Surveillance Systems provides you with 24/7 video recordings even during power outages or network disruptions. Protecting your home or business with a professional surveillance system offers you peace of mind and the convenience of knowing what is happening no matter where you are. Unlike many other surveillance systems, Luma surveillance is not dependent on an internet connection. This is particularly advantageous in areas with unreliable or limited internet access. By operating independently, Luma surveillance ensures that video footage is consistently captured and stored, regardless of internet connectivity.

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BrightSign Digital Signage

Brightsign Digital PlayerA great fit for a bright environment, where keeping the room lights on during an event and still maintaining a good picture quality was a key factor in choosing the EB PU1006W. The EB PU1006W has a variety of available lenses to suit multiple applications. Flexible lens options, very low maintenance, and laser light output with (put amount of hours) Its extreme reliability

BrightSign is a leading provider of digital signage solutions that revolutionized the way businesses communicate with their customers. With their cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interface, BrightSign offers a comprehensive range of digital signage players and software that cater to various industries and applications. One of the key advantages of BrightSign digital signage is its versatility. Whether it’s a small retail store, a corporate office, or a large-scale Venue, BrightSign offers a range of players that can be easily integrated into any environment. These players support a wide range of media formats, including high-definition videos, images, and audio, allowing businesses to create captivating and engaging content that grabs the attention of their target audience.

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BrightSign Signage

PC’s, Printers, iPads and More to Support Your Business

As a Value Added Resource for your project, PAV also provides a comprehensive array of computers and IT equipment for your projects. We work with your budget and IT needs to supply laptops, and desktop PCs for your business needs from brands such as Lenovo, Dell, and HP. We are also an Apple Reseller allowing us to supply you with MAC Computers, Apple TV’s, and Apple iPads to best suit your business’s needs.

Performance AV Computer Equipment and IT Services

ProActiVe Membership Program

ProActiVe – Providing Support 24/7/365

In addition to delivering great support during normal business hours, PAV is able to deliver 24/7/365 support with our ProActiVe Membership Program. This program is designed to deliver proactive monitoring and support to increase your system’s reliability through the included scheduled maintenance before an emergency happens. When it comes to electronics and highly integrated audio, video, and home automation systems, being proactive is always better than reacting to an easily preventable issue.

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