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Cleerline Technology Group Featured Performance AV in a Recent Case Study

Cleerline SSF

Cleerline SSFCleerline SSF (Stronger, Safer, Faster) fiber is a revolutionary advancement in fiber optic technology.

It is a high-performance fiber optic cable that incorporates a patented polymer coating, making it significantly stronger and more durable than traditional fiber optic cables. This coating provides protection against common causes of fiber optic cable failure, such as bending, pulling, and crushing.

Cleerline SSF fiber is also safer to handle and install.

The polymer coating eliminates the need for traditional glass fibers, which can be hazardous if broken or damaged. Additionally, the coating reduces the risk of injury from glass shards during installation or maintenance.

Cleerline SSF

Cleerline SSF Excellent Handling Capabilities

Faster Installation

In addition to its strength and safety benefits, Cleerline SSF fiber offers faster and more efficient installation. The cable’s unique design allows for easier termination and splicing, saving time and effort for installers. It also provides superior signal quality, ensuring reliable and high-performance fiber optic connections.

Netgear Commercial Installation - Atlanta, GA

Cleerline SSF used with a Netgear Installation

Overall, Cleerline SSF fiber is a game-changer in the fiber optic industry, offering a combination of strength, safety, and speed that is unmatched by traditional fiber optic cables. It is an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from data centers and telecommunications networks to audio/video installations.

LouderMilk - Audio & Video installation by Performance AV - Atlanta, GA

Read the Case Study

LoudermilkPerformance Audio & Video used Cleerline SSF fiber on a recent project and was featured in a case study by Cleerline, check it out here:

View the Cleerline SSF Case Study

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