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Protect your Home from Electrical Damage with TPD Surge Protection System

Surge Protection for Homes

What is lightning trying to do?

TPD Transient Protection DesignLightning is trying to find the least resistive path to the ground and it’s going through your electronic equipment to do it. As the lightning energy passes through the power supplies and circuit boards, the resistance converts the excess energy to heat, and heat is what degrades and destroys sensitive electronics. And it is not just expensive electronics that are susceptible to damage from lightning. Even the life of heavy-duty electrical devices like HVAC compressors, pool pumps, and garage door motors can be severely shortened by electrical surges. Surge Protection Solutions from Transient Protection Design reduce the risk of maintenance and repair, decrease equipment lockups and downtime, and increase equipment lifetime.

 Is your network protected?

When networks go down it leaves homes without access to the internet, phones, computers, automation systems, cameras, and any other network-based equipment. Once your Network is down the timeframe and cost for diagnostics and eventual equipment replacement far outweigh the cost of the TPD Surge Protection System.

Network Surge Protection

Network Surge Protection

Do you have outdoor speakers?

Running speaker wire out to numerous outdoor speakers is like putting up a giant copper antenna and asking for nearby lightning to “hit me.” It does not take a direct strike to inject surge energy into the speaker wires. Lightning strikes as far as a quarter mile away generate enough EMP energy for the surge to travel through the air and inductively couple onto the speaker wire and travel into the home or other structure. And, once lightning finds itself inside the home it can easily destroy the amplifier and migrate to other equipment in the rack or home.  When you have an outdoor speaker system, you have the potential for lightning to enter your home unless the unwanted energy is diverted around the amplifiers.

Speaker Surge Protection

Do you have outdoor lighting?

TPD can protect other household electronics including all lighting systems, drivers, and processors. Transient Protection Design also offers protection for individual circuits feeding outdoor landscape lighting pathways. TPD surge protection protects against harmful transient voltages entering the structure and damaging dimming modules and lighting systems on these pathways. When left unprotected, low voltage control wires between systems are pathways for surge events to enter and leave the system traveling to other equipment. Protect lighting system keypad and communication lines by using the TPD-LIT series on copper pathways entering or leaving the facility and between systems with long runs over 200 feet away.

The Benefits

Different surge protection methods must be used as entertainment continues to move from the family room and home theater to the back yard. While the power side of the equipment should always be surge protected the “back doors” such as speaker wires, internet and lighting must all be surge protected if they leave the interior of your home. Protection from even one lightning strike will quickly pay for all surge protection equipment in your home. There is also added safety for shock potential in high exposure lightning areas when data wires are not grounded. Fewer lockups, fewer glitches, and a better sounding and longer-lasting system are long-term benefits of proper surge protection.

Surge protection for all breaker panels, not just low voltage

Surge protection of breaker panels is a must, due to the sensitivity and importance of all of the electronics in your home. TPD offers surge protection at the electrical panel provides power filtering and will extend the life of all electronics while improving their reliability. Utility power was designed for motors and incandescent bulbs and does not guarantee clean power for today’s modern electronic circuits. Contaminated power and internally generated line noise degrade power supplies, circuit boards, LED drivers, and other electronics components causing lockups, downtime, and inconvenience. Cleaning up the power in your home will improve sound and picture quality while giving all electronics computer-grade power and enhancing their lifespan.

Whole home surge protection

Whole home surge protection

PAV works directly with TPD to develop a customized surge protection solution for your home. We offer Surge Protection Systems that extend beyond the low voltage systems which can protect your entire home.

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