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By January 16,, Smart Home Artificial Intelligence for Home Automation is artificial intelligence that understands, and does what you ask Home Automation in Marietta, sets a new voice control standard for home automation systems. is different from your average smart speaker or voice enabled device because it is created from the ground up to support natural language voice commands. What this means is that you can talk to Josh naturally with, questions, instructions, and more. Josh understands natural language commands as if you are talking to a friend. Josh can understand even somewhat complicated requests such as “At sunrise if I’m home slowly fade the bedroom lights on, open the drapes, turn on the radio, and brew a pot of coffee.” The natural voice commands will make your home feel more connected than ever, and Josh will become your new best friend who is reliable, can multitask and has an outstanding memory.

Additionally, Josh is built to control and connect from any device. You can use Josh on your desktop to turn off the lights or change the thermostat from your phone. Josh will bring you a peace of mind and convenience with being able connect to your home from anywhere. Josh can learn to turn devices off automatically when you leave the house, saving energy and adding convenience to your life. is loyal with uncompromising privacy features Controller for Smart Home

Time to get rid of your Google Home or Amazon Alexa assistant. Recent studies have found that these devices are listening to your conversations even when you are not speaking to them directly. Any time they are on, they are taking information from your personal conversations for marketing purposes., believes that your privacy should be firmly protected and secured. Your data will never be shared for marketing purposes or sold for third-party advertisements, and you have the power to specify how much information your home collects. With, you get limitless personalization along with unparalleled peace-of-mind that your information will be kept safe. makes your home into a sanctuary, making you feel comfortable and at ease. This makes your home a “smart home” in the most relaxed way possible. plays well with others works with the best luxury smart home products including Lutron, Control4, Elan, Sonos, Xfinity, LG, Samsung and many more. empowers you to control your entire home with the power of conversational voice commands by connecting together thermostats, alarm motion sensors, lighting control and door locks. Through the power of these devices can truly become smart home devices beyond what you can experience with Alexa and Siri.

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