Peace of Mind for Your Complex Audio, Video and Home Automation Systems

ProActiVe Membership ProgramBehind the streamlined simplicity of Performance AV’s home automation installations, a complex electronics system is at work. Like most electronics these days, software needs to be maintained to stay in sync with other services and hardware. Software and firmware is constantly being updated to fix glitches and improve performance and stability. Electronics can break as well. But, PAV has you covered.

In addition to delivering great support during normal business hours, Performance AV is able to deliver 24/7/365 support with our new PAV ProActiVe Membership Program.  This program is designed to deliver proactive monitoring and support to increase your system’s reliability through the included scheduled maintenance before an emergency happens. When it comes to electronics and highly integrated audio, video, and home automation systems, being proactive is always better than reacting to an easily preventable issue.

The ProActiVe Program has Six Key Elements.

This program is designed to deliver proactive monitoring and support to you 24/7/365 and to increase your System’s Reliability through the included Scheduled Maintenance.  As you know, Technology systems occasionally experience disruptions and the ProActiVe Membership Program works to Prevent Problems, Increase System Reliability, Empower Clients, and Resolve issues quickly.

Monitoring and Remote Support

We will proactively monitor your System and troubleshoot issues as they arise many times before you know there is an issue.  We receive an alert if any device on the network falls offline for more than 10 minutes, once an alert is received the ProActiVe Team will log in to begin diagnosing the cause of the issue and attempt to bring the device back online.  If they are unable to remotely address the issue, the issue with be escalated for on-site service.

Unlimited 24/7 Phone/Chat/Text Support

  • When you need support you can reach a professional 24/7 for remote support.
  • The 24/7 Support Team has comprehensive notes and back-end access to your system that allows them to, monitor,  troubleshoot, and reboot key components in your system.


  • Depending on the Plan that you choose we offer Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly or Monthly Maintenance.
  • Scheduled Security & Firmware Updates
  • Scheduled System Stress Testing & Equipment Cleaning
  • The Scheduled Maintenance component plays a critical role in Prevention by addressing not just the firmware updates; we also clean equipment and verify all systems are working by Stress Testing every part of your A/V system and Network.

Preferred On-Site Service Labor Rate

  • In the event our 24/7 remote support staff can’t solve your problem remotely, they’ll escalate it for On-Site Service.
  • Members receive a 20% Labor Discount for Service Calls. Currently this is a $25/hr. discount.

Priority On-Site Service

  • Getting your System restored as quickly as possible is our top priority.

Discount on Service-Related Materials

  • Maintenance visits often uncover the soon-to-fail devices that protect your system from power outages and surges.  Over time these components will need to be replaced to keep your system protected and working at its best.
  • Members receive discounted pricing for replacement equipment.

ProActiVe Service Tiers

We have created this plan based on systems just like yours and from direct client requests received over the years.  Similar to vehicle maintenance, there are items that we can address during a maintenance visit that can prevent issues from arising later.  In the world of electronics, maintenance is mainly in the form of firmware and driver updates. These updates are usually created to address known issues and prevent cyber-attacks on hardware.  An additional upside of this type of preventative maintenance is that we will perform Stress Testing on all of your connected equipment during the visit which can uncover issues that would only become issues later.  A key component of the program is also access to the 24/7/365 Support Team who has comprehensive notes and back end access to your system that allows them to, monitor,  troubleshoot, reboot key components in your system. Performance AV offers several tiers of service for most budgets.


$ 50

per MonthAnnual Maintenance
During Business Hours


$ 75

per MonthAnnual Maintenance
with 24/7/365 Support


$ 100

per MonthSemi-Annual Maintenance
with 24/7/365 Support


$ 150

per MonthQuarterly Maintenance
with 24/7/365 Support

Diamond Elite

$ 200

per MonthMonthly Maintenance
with 24/7/365 Support

Call us today to find out which PAV ProActiVe plan is right for you.