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DMF Lighting is Designed to Showcase Your Home in the Best Light

DMF Lighting by Performance AV in Marietta GA

Modular. Next-Gen Lighting by DMF

DMFDMF’s next-generation DRD Series is a modular downlighting system that covers a wide variety of lighting needs. One of the key features of the DMF line is flexibility. The DRD Series offers a wide variety of color temperatures including “Warm Dim”. “Warm Dim” is the biggest change in lighting control in the last 10 Years. With such a bold statement comes the need to explain. “Warm Dim” Technology is the ability for lighting to change from vibrant, full-spectrum lighting to a warm, comfortable illumination more in line with the natural change we experience with the Sun. Why this is such an important update over traditional lighting is that as your day progresses your space can progress with you.

DMF DRD Lighting Types

Match the Mood to the Moment

Lighting needs to change throughout the day, even in the same room. You can be hard at work in your dining room in the middle of the day, and entertaining friends there in the evening. With Warm Dim lighting, you can adjust the lighting in any space to match the moment. With Warm Dim lighting when lights are dimmed below 50% the color temperature gradually warms to provide a much more intimate ambiance. In addition to your ability to manually adjust the lighting in any space, your Home can automatically adapt the color temperature of the lighting throughout the day. This means that in the morning it won’t be overly bright and just enough to match the sun, in the afternoon the lights get whiter and brighter to go along with your activities, and by evening they soften ending the day with a relaxing environment.

DRD Series by DMF

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DMF’s Warm Dim technology changes the feel of any space by dimming from vibrant, full-spectrum lighting to warm, comfortable illumination. There’s minimal color temperature change at the high-end of the dimming curve so that daytime lighting remains vibrant and unaffected. Unlike other warm dimming products on the market, DMF’s Warm Dim doesn’t rely on discrete LEDs or difficult control systems. DMF’s modules are powered by one premium COB chip that utilizes color mixing phosphors to produce a relaxing glow as it dims while maintaining DMF’s trademark quality and ease of use. Warm Dim transitions from a bright and inviting 3000K to a warm and intimate 1800K, maintaining a consistent 93+ CRI and Energy Star rating throughout. Warm Dim is high performance with up to 1250 lumens, 93+ CRI, and 1% dimming. Remarkably, it accomplishes this high-performance dimming all from a standard dimmer. The next generation DRD Series is engineered for ultimate flexibility using a single housing with Interchangeable trims, color temperatures, and beam angles. DMF’s Warm Dim technology transforms how your spaces will look and feel without sacrificing simplicity or performance. Components are designed in-house by DMF’s team of engineers to ensure flawless integration and optimal performance backed by a 50,000 hour/5-year warranty.

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