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Nexus 21 Television Lifts Hide TVs When Not in Use

Nexus 21 Concealment System for Audio Video - Atlanta Installation

Nexus 21 Concealment Systems Nexus 21 is the world leader in Motorized TV lifts offering an extensive line of quiet and reliable solutions, for Motorized TV Lifts, Projector Lifts, TV Mounts, and Storage Lifts.  Every Nexus21 TV lift is engineered in the United States and backed by an industry-leading warranty; some up to 10 Years.  Nexus21 makes it possible for TVs and Projectors to be hidden away in places you wouldn’t normally expect.  Concealing the technology in your space allows you to maintain the aesthetics of your space and only fully reveal your room’s Technology when you desire.

TV Lifts

Nexus21 TV lift furniture is growing in popularity throughout the world. Homeowners and designers alike are turning to TV lift furniture as an effective means to improve the functionality and style of a space. While it can be an excellent option for any room in your home, it is particularly popular in bedrooms—the most personal and intimate part of your home. It is your designated safe space to retreat, rejuvenate, and prepare your body and mind for another day of challenges. A well-designed bedroom can promote healthy sleep, better connection with your significant other, and meaningful relaxation.

Nexus21 TV beds and lift cabinets offer excellent viewing experiences, inconspicuousness, style, and space savings. The right choice for you comes down to your preferences and needs—if having the TV nice and close is important, a TV bed might be the solution for you. If inconspicuousness and multi-purpose furniture is more important to you, a TV lift cabinet may be the way to go. Whatever your style and needs, there is a perfect solution for you and your space.

Nexus 21 TV Lift Hidden Nexus 21 TV Lift Revealed

Flip-Down TV Lifts

Nexus 21 Flip-Down TV Lifts are the slimmest, most lightweight flip-down TV lifts with the fastest lead time in the industry. Too many people plan their living space around their TV. Whether it’s resting on a cabinet or being mounted to the wall, it’s the first question they ask themselves when imagining the layout: “Well, where is the TV going?” This typical order of events puts constraints on the design process and the overall flow of the home. With Model CL-65e, you can start with design and end with TV placement, not the other way around. The Nexus Flip Down TV Lifts also accommodate sound bars. All of these features are available for both the CL-65+ and CL-65e.

Projector Lifts

The Eclipse E-550 residential projector drop-down is the ultimate in stealth concealment. Both bold and 100% undetectable, this precision-engineered mechanism combines forward-thinking design and superior linear actuation technology, with no visual footprint and near-silent operation. It can accommodate 400+ projector models and lift up to 100 lbs [45.3 kg]. Backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

Motorized TV Mounts

Nexus21 Apex is just as innovative in form as it is in function. It’s the first motorized wall mount ever created that fits completely inside the wall, with an ultra-thin installation profile of just 1”. Motorized mounts of the past would often break, costing homeowners time and money. What makes Apex different is that it was mechanically designed with “Smart Drive” technology, which prevents damage when it’s moved manually. “Smart Drive” renders Apex actively aware of its position, allowing it to recover from unexpected changes to its path and instantly release for safety when encountering resistance. Nexus21 Apex offers reliability and a 5-year full replacement warranty.

Storage Lifts

Nexus can make your customized storage lift a reality with unlimited options. Space is always a big issue, It’s almost as if no home has enough counter space. Nexus21 The lift lid is cut directly from the marble countertops in the kitchen. There’s no interruption, from a visual sense. The lid is fitted in such a way that you don’t have obtrusive lips that get in the way of moving dishes around or preparing ingredients for a meal. When the lift reaches the peak of its rise, you get a full view of what’s hidden inside: a KitchenAid mixer, a knife set, a food processor, a big blender and a Magic Bullet. These are, for many of us, the kitchen essentials. You can access your appliances whenever you want without being stuck in that domestic catch-22 where you’re either breaking your back to get the mixer or taking up all your counter space with your choice appliances.

Nexus 21 products integrate seamlessly with Control4, Q-SYS, and other control systems. Contact PAV to learn how we can help you conceal the technology in your space to enhance and maintain the aesthetics of your space.

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