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The Bradley Collection – Motorized Curtain Poles

The Bradley Collection Motorized Curtain Poles | Marietta, & Atlanta, GA

The Bradley Collection Motorinzed ShadesThe Bradley Collection gives you the look of a traditional curtain pole with the convenience of motorization. The blending of color and finish is the real art in interior design. As a curator of diverse furniture, furnishings, art, and artifacts, the designer needs the widest possible choice of finish from accent pieces, as well as core color carriers of walls and soft furnishings. Recognizing this need for freedom of expression, The Bradley Collection has turned conventional manufacturing philosophy on its head. The brand’s mission is to offer maximum choice and flexibility. The Bradley Collection’s unrivaled palette of over 100 color and coat options is easy to specify and each item is individually tailored to the project, created to order, and delivered with pleasing speed.

Unrivaled finishes of the Bradley Collection offer several styles to complement your vision.


Bradley Collection Eclipse proves a traditional look and feel with dozens of finish options and finials to match any décor. For homes looking for a more modern aesthetic Bradley offers four additional styles to match the custom look of your space. The Bradley Collection provides a luxurious aesthetic and freedom of expression in design which is balanced providing you with the final word in functionality and control. Bradley Collection is available in any length needed and a bespoke bay bending and curving service is available to allow the perfect shaped pole to fit any bay window.

Bradley Collection - Eclipse

Bradley Collection – Eclipse


Bradley Collection Linear transforms a mundane but functional electric track into a high-end design statement. Available in a wide range of coated finishes, with metal end housing covers and superior bracket styling. Smart tech meets sharp design.

Bradley Collection - Linear

Bradley Collection – Linear

Eclipse Wood

Bradley Collection Eclipse Wood has wooden poles re-imagined for the modern age. Solid, natural wood covers conceal state-of-the-art electric track systems. A stunning aesthetic and smart living combined.

Bradley Collection - Eclipse Wood

Bradley Collection – Eclipse Wood


The Bradley Collection Edge collection has architectural purity. Electric track systems are housed within a decorative cover, while Edge brackets act as finials and provide a structured, return to wall detail for drapes. A simple, integrated aesthetic for a sophisticated electric curtain pole.

Bradley Collection - Edge

Bradley Collection – Edge


The Bradley Curve Collection is the solution for an electric decorative pole in a continuous curve window. The coated track sits discretely behind the curving fascia pole, with the track, fascia pole, and components coated in matching or complementary colors.

Bradley Collection - Curve

Bradley Collection – Curve

Custom Bradley Collection Solutions, Installed by PAV

Every project can have its technical challenges. The Bradley Collection offers a simple process of customization, that allows PAV to provide clients with the best solution that meets their technical and aesthetic needs. For example, custom brackets can be designed as seen below.

Bradley Collection - Custom Bracket

Bradley Collection – Custom Bracket

Performance AV proudly stands as Atlanta’s only direct dealer for The Bradley Collection.

Our design team provides you with experience in selecting the right Bradley Collection products for your project. Bradley Collection curtain poles can be added to your Lutron System or they can be used stand-alone with Lutron Pico Remotes. We have the full collection of finish samples available for your next project.

Customizable Motorized Curtain Poles in The Bradley Collection

Customizable Motorized Curtain Poles in The Bradley Collection

Learn more about The Bradley Collection Motorized Curtain Poles. Click Here

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